Jost Van Dyke

Bright and early we left Cane Garden Bay and headed over to Sandy Spit where we dropped anchor for lunch. We had a beautiful view of this picturesque sand dune small island (coming from the Earth Science Teacher the formation technically is a spit). That was until the day chartered catermaran and power boat loaded with tourists crashed our party or rather, our view. But it was okay because we were headed to Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke next and needed to get going. On our last visit to Jost, we were too late and didn’t catch a mooring in this harbor but this time we were in luck!

Once the boat was secured, we headed to the very famous Foxy’s restaurant and bar ashore and walked the beach. We decided to grill off of the boat early and went for a nice swim. Another great day for the books!



Today Rich went diving while I stayed on the boat to soak up some sunshine and explore the wildlife in our own little harbor. I saw dolphins in the harbor, flying fish, and some creature that looked like a small upside-down shark. I fed it bread to lure it close to my camera so I could need some good shots. It was very interesting! I then had some fun pelican visitors on the bow of the boat and swimming around the mooring. When Rich got back we had a snack then headed to shore. I wanted to check out White Bay, the neighboring harbor and also needed some time to stretch my legs. We hiked over the hill and made it to the seductive white sands and warm waters of White Bay. We didn’t make it to soggy dollar bar, but that was fine as we wanted a mellow afternoon. I swam around in the bay while Rich made new friends flying his drone. On the way back to the boat we picked up some more provisions, cooked a nice dinner, and spent some time getting lost in our books and the sunset.


Tomorrow we are off to Norman Island!




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