Eastern European Escapade

We are about a month out from our next adventure so I thought I would give a brief update of all our plans! Next month we are off to Croatia. We are beyond excited as this is a whole new sailing experience for us.

Rich will be attending a Marine Medicine Conference on a different island each morning, then we depart for a new destination each afternoon. He is working hard to be one of the first to receive a Diploma in Dive and Marine Medicine and he is moving right along with the program. Recently qualifying for his Coast Guard Captain’s License, he plans to take this further by applying for his Masters Coast Guard License later this year.

Anyhow, we will have 7 blissful nights aboard our 37 foot sail in the Adriatic Sea. From what we’ve been told of the sailing conditions, we both have a feeling this will be the first of many trips to Croatia. Due to changes in Rich’s work schedule, we were able to extend out trip! Sadly all the boats were reserved so we will be forced to venture ashore for the remainder of the trip rather than having more time on the boat.

Since our sail trip doesn’t take us far enough south to visit Dubrovnik, that will be our first stop after departing our boat in Split. We then purchased our Eurail Pass and will be exploring Eastern Europe for the remaining three weeks. Next on the list is Lake Bled- Slovenia, Vienna- Austria, Bratislava-Slovakia, Budapest- Hungary, Krakow- Poland, and Prague- Czech Republic. We can’t wait to get lost in these city streets, enjoy some live music, delicious food and drinks, and of course take some awesome photos.   

All in all we will be gone about one month and are thrilled to take on this Eastern European Escapade! We will do our best to blog along the way! Of course Rich will add to his photography collection. The best part of this all is that we return mid-June and will have the rest of the summer for more adventures and yes, we have many more already planned!  


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