Bon Voyage Richard!

Just a few short hours ago, Rich embarked on his journey to sail across the Caribbean Sea. This two-week passage will take him from the island of Antigua, along the Colombian coast, and through the San Blas Islands to the start of the Panama Canal covering approximately 1,200 nautical miles.

Projected route based on John and Amanda’s last Caribbean crossing in 2008.

Alongside sailing experts John Neal and his wife, Amanda (who together have sailed more than 600,000 nautical miles), on a 46 foot Hallberg Rassy, Rich and five other individuals will learn how to navigate by the stars at night, get through heavy winds and large swells, as well as deal with every other challenge (big or small) that comes with
extended oceanic crossings. All hands are on deck, as this boat lacks autopilot which calls for a two-man watch and chart plotting at all hours of the day.

John and Amanda Neal of Mahina Expeditions

It’s not all work though! Rich and his sailing mates will be able to swim, fish, weather and government permitting- stop in Colombia for some dinner, and they will explore the San Blas islands inhabited by the indigenous Kuna people- who are very selective as to who can come ashore (John and Amanda, having done many circumnavigations, have built a relationship with the people over the years bringing them supplies such as reading glasses, so they are welcomed with open arms).

I am so proud of Rich for taking this step so we can do our own adventurous sailing and long crossings as a family. I am excited to hear about all the fun he had and all that he learned upon his return just before the holidays.

Check back in a few weeks to read about his experience!



3 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Richard!

  1. Hello Lauren. Thank you for the info. I envey the excitement and abventure. The thought of open seas and big swells loosens my digestive tract. We will pray for safety and that courage blended with common sense is good. Love to you my special niece…….Len

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  2. It’s the same trip in reverse Molly took when she went to Central and South America. She said a big highlight of her trip was the time she spent on the San blas islands where “slept on the islands with the locals in hammocks.”

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