Rich and Lauren are devoted to a life of adventure, they even married while on their sailing charter in the British Virgin Islands. Of all their adventures together, Rich and Lauren are most passionate about the sea and all the activities it has to offer.

Currently, Rich and Lauren continue to enrich their nautical knowledge through experience and education. Together they have chartered and sailed through the British Virgin Islands, Southern California’s coastline, Sweden’s Lake Vanern and West Coast and Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.  Rich recently qualified for his US Coast Guard Captain’s License and crewed on a 46ft sailboat making a Caribbean passage in order to gain valuable ocean crossing experience. While Lauren practices her knots, she reads their many handbooks and guides including Voyaging with Kids. Yes, they plan on sailing with their children!


Rich and Lauren are set on making their dream a reality in the near future. Step one involves starting their family while continuing to charter and gain experience in new destinations, step two involves purchasing their own sailboat to call home, step three…setting sail.

Anything can happen from there but if Rich and Lauren had their way, they would circumnavigate as a family, taking their time to explore all this world has to offer. Rich can use his medical experience to provide care and resources to locals, while Lauren uses her education experience to teach the kids along the way. Adding more to Rich’s travel photography collection and creating exhilarating memories, they cannot think of a more exciting way to live their lives.

At this point, it is all a dream, but Rich and Lauren are working hard to make it happen. Regardless, they are part of the sailing community, they love and cherish it- sailing is and always will be a part of their family’s life.